Chermin Photography is a photography service provided for people who is searching for fresh and different way of keeping their precious moment.



Who we are?

Principal Photographer

Huda have an experienced in photography for almost 2 years. Starting as a hobby, she started to get serious in photography when she's been given a chance to do photography job in wedding, corporate, product and many various other photography field. Among of the corporate job that she took were CIMB Jalan Raja Chulan - Air Asia Day and also Mm...Oven Fresh The Cookie Shop product presentation. Been studying and experiencing other photography styles and tricks, she look forward to serve different customers with different ideas and creativity. As for today, she is venturing in a whole new different aspect in editing and finalizing her work to meet customers expectations.

Mohamad Faiz 
Senior Photographer
Personal Portfolio: Coretan Dari Lensa Jalanan

Mohamad Faiz @ Minouri Shirota is an all round photographer with many years of experience in different field of photography. His work in wedding, potraiture are among the most outstanding work and job he mastered in. Starting as a hobby, he now looking forward to expend his talent and work in different styles of photography. With a friendly approach he use in making the customer feel comfortable, he often turns the gloomy scene into the most fun and enjoyable that clients never experience before. He will make sure that the perfect pictures capture in every moments and every seconds.

Junior Photographer
Personal Portfolio: Flickr

Amydiamni @ Momoe have an experience in photography in almost 1 year and a half. Very keen in photography since he is small, he's been said to have 'different creative eyes' in capturing your once in a lifetime moments. Very creative in viewing different side of techniques and skills, he sharpen his creativity through readings, browsing and seeing other photographers work and put a twist in every pictures he took. He currently doing some reading and research on HDSLR or videography by using DSLR camera and look forward to serve you better in the future either in photography and videography.

Amierul Zharief
Creative Art & Design Manager / Photographer
Personal Portfolio: Raizo Studio

Amierul Zharief @ Raizo Bogan is an creative art and design manager who have an experience in digital artwork and editing for many years. Have a strong background in editing and designing, the current student of Bachelor of Art & Design in Universiti Teknologi MARA Shah Alam, has a strong sense of art in his blood and could view and create many interesting new and fresh design. Responsible in editing pictures and managing creative part in Chermin, he surely provide the most promising work and editing for each and every Chermin customer.